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KEFA & Mission

The roots of solidarity

The brand’s origin

The name

The name “KEFA” is profoundly significant. It is taken from the verse in the Gospel According to St. Matthew (Mt 16:18) where Jesus, with the famous phrase <<Tu es Petrus et super hanc  petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam..>>, establishes the apostolic succession, the primacy of Peter Vicar of Christ on Earth.


In fact, “KEFA” in Aramaic means both “Peter” and “Stone” and, in the biblical tradition, is the name by which Jesus called the Apostle Simon.



The logo

Represented by a spiral with an escape route aiming upward, the logo indicates the repetitive and troubled path of earthly life until the ascent towards the Transcendent.


The KEFA brand arose from deep reflection on the importance of the spirit with which daily actions are conducted, ordinary and extraordinary, which life imposes on each individual.


Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the inspiration and protectress of this project, said: <<Difficulties are very useful in helping us separate ourselves from the earth; they make us look upward and beyond this world>>.


From antiquity to modern times: the value of art

The KEFA mission

KEFA looks upwards focusing on the higher value of solidarity. For this reason, since its recent founding, it is committed to allocating part of the proceeds to the charitable activities of the “Science and Faith – STOQ – Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest”.