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🇺🇸 27/12/2021 by Herrington Publications

I AM WOMAN - Global Magazine

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🇺🇸 01/12/2021 by NIAF

Ambassador Magazine

From the NIAF Bottega shopping highlights to Ciao Italia’s Abruzzo recipes, you’ll find the best of Italian America, and Italy, in Ambassador magazine!

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🇮🇹 01/12/2021 by San Paolo


Inchieste e dibattiti sull'attualità religiosa

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🇭🇰 01/12/2021 by ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY

Jewels of Italy


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🇿🇦 01/12/2021

Vessels Magazine

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🇺🇸 28/06/2021 by Herrington Publications

Presidential Magazine

The flagship magazine is produced under an exclusive license with the US Presidential Service Center


🇦🇱 01/05/2021

Heidens Your Brand

🇮🇹 01/04/2021


Single page for the "KEFA Petrus" italian advertising campaign


04/01/2021 by Nikita Vivek Pawar

Upscale Living Magazine

Upscale Living Magazine is recognized as the world's luxury portal, offering a wealth of unsurpassed opulence for our readers. We have been the luxury lifestyle publication of choice since 2004.

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🇦🇱 16/03/2021 by H.E. Denisa GOKOVI

Hoinser Magazine

Hoinser Magazine is dedicated to promoting and advertising outstanding individuals at various levels of business throughout Europe, Africa,Asia, UAE, USA.

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🇦🇺 17/11/2020 by Steve HUYTON


Regularly I get approached by watch brands who are trying to get exposure in the market. This year has been very challenging for the watch industry and even LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), Richemont, Swatch etc have had a significant decline in profits. 

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🇩🇪 01/03/2021

The HARBOR Magazine

Ursprünglich hieß Petrus „Kefa“. Das ist der Name, mit dem Jesus den Apostel Simon benannte, „Kefa“ , wie Stein, das Material, aus dem man nunmal, zumindest meistens, neue Häuser entstehen lässt. 


🇮🇹 23/11/2020 by Ilenia Carlesimo

L'Orologio n.290

Kefa come Pietro, il nome con cui Gesù chiamò l’apostolo Simone. Ma anche Kefa come pietra, l’elemento primario di una nuova costruzione. È così, prendendo in prestito questa antica parola aramaica, che Carmelo Caruso e Gianluigi Di Lorenzo hanno battezzato il loro marchio di orologi.


🇮🇹 28/06/2020 by Dr. Sacco


In un mondo dove ognuno di noi ha uno smartphone in tasca o anche un vecchio cellulare, oggettivamente l’orologio diventa una delle cose più inutili al mondo. Negli orologi però esistono livelli di soggettività elevatissimi.

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🇫🇷 23/11/2020 by Grégory Pons

Business Montress & Joaillerie

Parce que, maintenant, grâce à la marque italienne Kefa (qui tient à afficher Swiss Made), on connaît et le jour et l’heure, en plus sous contrôle pontifical et vaticanesque. Les voies temporelles du Seigneur sont impénétrables…

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